Mindset Prep Clinics

I am trialling 45 minute ‘one to one ‘ Mindset Prep Clinics.

Why? Because Pawz 4 Thought is growing and fast becoming THE ‘go to’ place for focus and confidence and I want to be able to work with more of you, to support you, and help improve your ring confidence so that you can achieve your competition goals quickly and easily.

You can book these as a one off or discounted package of 6 (via Skype or phone)

This is for you:

If you would like help to grow your ring confidence or prepare for an important show.

I combine competitive dog training skills and knowledge, a good dollop of experience and empathy, with mind-set mastery tools and a non-judgemental cheerleader who can help you achieve your competition goals and feel GREAT at the same time!


Wherever you are in the world you can work with me on Skype or phone for an intensive 45 minutes.

These are just a few areas that people ask me for help:

  • Mind-set Mastery Work, self confidence and belief
  • Motivation – move from procrastination to action
  • Crafting clear goals.
  • Conquering your competition anxiety
  • Preparing for the ‘big day’ – an important show, Discover Dogs, Crufts, Class Championships
  • Bouncing back from setbacks
  • How to enjoy competing
  • Handling the mood hoovers
  • A mixture of any of the above including how to stay focused when ” aaargh my dog’s distracted and I’m up next”

With me as your coach you will get:

  • An unconditional cheerleader who supports you because of who you are – not because of your achievements.
  • Unbiased and non-judgemental support from someone removed from the situation, who can help you put things back into perspective.
  • Someone who will constructively challenge you – to offer you a different point of view when you’re stuck and can’t see a way forward.
  • Someone who has had similar experience and can empathise with you

Oh yes please Angela – can I grab a One to One Mindset Prep Clinic please!

1 x 60 minute One to One Mindset Prep Clinics £50

Booking a session is simple and fast so get in touch today!

Your thoughts?

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