Conquering Your Fear of Dogs

This is the ideal programme, for those who are nervous around dogs or those with a phobia of dogs. We can work with you for up to 90 minutes per session, to help you become more confident around dogs. Although we offer no guarantees,  we are confident that we can help you take steps towards conquering your fear of dogs.

Starting with just being in the company of the object of your fear, to petting, and then walking alongside one of our beautiful golden retrievers – it will show you that not all dogs are threatening and should not be feared. Imagine the feeling of satisfaction you can get from conquering your fear. It’s immense.

Prices: £125 for a one hour session, and just £175 for a 90 minute session, you get one on one time with an NLP Coach and dog handler. This is an ideal gift for somebody’s birthday, or just a gift to yourself, to help you overcome that fear. You will receive a Certificate of Bravery, and a picture of you with the dog, showing everybody that you can officially do it!

Contact us to find out more and to reserve a place on our next programme.