1:1 Sessions

Private Sessions are held in a relaxing and safe space, and not just with any dog…but with your dog there to reflect another view. In the introductory session after a few preliminary questions you’ll learn the theory of Transformational Conversations and then be asked what you would like to have happen in the session eg clarify your thinking, develop your leadership skills, get on better with your boss, or just feel more confident. Throughout the session you will be facilitated through a series of repetitve questions, invited to draw, walk and explore your personal insights whilst being asked Clean Questions to guide you. A Pawz4Thought session normally lasts for 60 minutes. There is then 10-15 minutes afterwards where you can reflect and gather your thoughts, or just take time to allow the process to integrate. After the session you will have time to discuss your experience and how you can incorporate your insights into everyday practice. A complete session lasts approximately 75 minutes to 2 hours.

All sessions are held in Thought Rooms in Basingstoke. Please call for an appointment 0791 770 1691

Initial consultation

2 hours @ £90

Follow up session if required

90 minutes @ £90



Your thoughts?

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