Personal Awareness at Work Course (PAW)

Handling yourself and others effectively at work

Who is this for?

You if your success depends on building and maintaining productive, empowering relationships with your colleagues, customers, clients, and external contacts.

What’s different about this course?

Lessons from canine – human relationships is what differentiates this programme from all other courses available in the market place today.

This totally different environment brings out the natural leaders or followers, highlights strengths and gaps in the communication skills of even the most fluent talkers, and boosts confidence levels of quieter members in the team.

The content, structure and practical insights gained on the course combine to enable delegates to make lasting changes to the way they handle themselves in conversations, meetings, discussions, consultations, interviews, conflict mediation, coaching interactions, in everyday work/business situations.

  • 2 days
  • Maximum 16 delegates – personal focus and maximum ‘facilitator time’
  • Facilitated review sessions and performance reviewed in real time.
  • Live demonstrations from a real dog and handler team.

What changes can you expect as a result of the course?

A powerful, practical, and experiential activity designed to help you learn and practice the skills and mind-set, required to communicate effectively with your teams, colleagues, and customers. You will learn how to raise your awareness of the patterns in your own and others verbal and non verbal behaviour. The programme will address your skills of awareness, sensitivity, strategic thinking, collaboration, goal achievement, relationship building, coaching, influence and communication. This is not a lecture. The learning is rooted in the experience. Consequently, the changes achieved are related to personal outcomes and often aimed at forming new, more helpful, habits of behaviour.

What are the likely benefits to the business/ organisation?

As individuals, teams, and organisations, communication is our most powerful resource. It impacts all aspects of our personal and professional lives. Businesses that are successful invest in the development of their managers’ personal resources and interpersonal skills and in doing so, not only improve the performance and productivity of those individuals, but also the people who report to them.

In addition, in a competitive labour market, development of people is not only about maximizing productivity and profitability, it is an important factor in helping self-sufficient, sustainable teams thrive and keeping people motivated.

Programme Overview

  • Gain a deeper understanding – of yourself, other people, your team, organisation, and business.
  • Understand each other’s strengths – and encourage the pack to shine
  • Develop leadership skills –  through interactive exercises
  • Understand how you operate – when you’re at your best and when you’re not.
  • Master the skills of diplomacy – strive for harmony in the pack and discover how those skills can be beneficial in business.
  • Keep the pack motivated – reward in real time in a way that keeps individuals engaged
  • Pay attention – score points simply by paying attention and listening without judgement
  • Ask questions – get to solutions and actions quicker, with less hassle and more clarity.
  • Discover own and others preferred learning and communication styles
  • Develop creative problem solving and interpersonal skills
  • Encourage trust and empathy
  • Increase confidence
  • Learn how and when to adapt your communication style -to maximise results, increase personal excellence and the ability to lead your business better.

“What this course has done is highlight how important how important communication is and how important it is to understand what’s being communicated to you. It helps people find their strengths and it also helps managers to understand how important communication is from the top down”.

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