Programmes and Workshops For Clinicians

“Effective change takes effective leadership. Effective leadership takes effective communication” – Angela Watson

As a clinician, nurse or AHP, you know only too well that the world of health care is facing unprecedented change. Change that requires creative solutions and innovative approaches.  Grounded by nearly two decades of experience in health care environments, I have developed a series of customisable programmes designed to empower you with the communication tools necessary to connect, engage, motivate and lead your teams while maintaining optimal levels of patient care.

Emotional fitness and communication skills training for nursing leadersThe Emotionally Fit Nurse 

The nursing profession exemplifies positive intention, a spirit of service, and compassionate, often selfless, behaviour. The daily interaction of nurses with their patients has a distinctive impact on positive patient outcomes, patient satisfaction, and the cost-efficient delivery of care.

This Pawz4Thought Workshop instills the emotional fitness, and communications skills that help nurses authentically engage with patients and fellow team members, ensuring the highest levels of care while protecting the health and emotional well-being of nurses as well.

The Emotionally Fit Nurse programme is tailored to minimize the negative consequences of nursing in stressful environments, reduce the risk of nurse burnout, and contribute to the performance, job satisfaction, and  retention of nurses. To learn more about our approach please  click here .

Navigating Change In HealthCareNavigating Change In Healthcare

Saddled with competing demands and daunting challenges, physicians, nurses and managers are compelled to find ways of quickly and efficiently connecting and communicating with patients and each other.

By understanding others and by being more empathetic, a clinicians ability to understand the values, worries, and fears of patients and colleagues increases. In doing so, they are more apt to quickly connect and engage their patients, appreciate their colleague’s perspectives, understand the impact of their actions, and respond effectively to patients’ needs while interacting and communicating appropriately.

Clinicians must continuously sense and understand not only how they demonstrate empathy in their care, but simultaneously, they must understand and manage their own emotions, not just for high quality care, but for their own resilience as well.

The development of emotional fitness skills in clinicians serves not only patients, but fellow clinicians and managers as well.

Cultivating a higher degree of Self Awareness opens the door for Self Management and Relationship Management to emerge, which are the tenets of Self Mastery. Creating and maintaining healthy boundaries also enables the authentic, sustainable expression of empathy, regardless of the emotional landscape. Doing so supports sustainable, positive communication throughout the clinical team.

You’re welcome to download a PDF on our “less is best” approach: The Clean Approach To Leadership.