Seminar Schedule

A twenty-five year career in leadership, management, coaching and training, who has been awarded accolades along the way, Angela regularly teaches communication skills for both coaching schools and the personal development field. After creating Pawz4Thought in 2012, she gave up running open programmes and teaches exclusively within organisations and the occasional seminar.

In Dog Obedience Sports, Angela’s dog, Mastamariner King Harry is routinely in the winning line-up in both Novice and Class A.

If your group is interested in hosting a seminar, send an email using the the contact form, and Angela will provide you with options and information. Angela is able to do one distance seminar in the UK per month. She can do a second seminar within the month if it’s close enough that travel time is not significant, for example within Surrey, Hampshire or Berkshire. Note: ANGELA IS NOT CURRENTLY RUNNING OPEN WORKSHOPS UNTIL NOVEMBER 2015. Please see her seminar schedule for currently scheduled options.

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