Tailor Made Management Training Programmes

get in touchcropYour team is doing well but in your heart you know that things could be better.

You would like to do more with your team  but don’t always have the time or the in-house expertise to get the most out of them.

You can’t quite put your finger on exactly why your team isn’t firing on all cylinders, though there are signs all around you.

Those signs might include low staff morale, lack of team co-operation, teams competing against each other.

Perhaps you’ve tried to re-invigorate your team with the usual frivolous or adrenaline laced team – building and away day activities available in the marketplace. The reality is that these things don’t usually work because the underlying relationship you have with your team and colleagues doesn’t improve.

There is a better way.

Where the lessons will be long lasting and the effects will be noticeable in the workplace for months afterwards.

Encourage trust, unearth leadership skills, gain a different perspective and see what happens to results when resources are optimised.

We are the specialists when it comes to designing, organising, and delivering tailor-made canine assisted company away days and training programmes from scratch.


Quality learning environments where participants can relax and be themselves are our ultimate credo! No matter what location or  industry– we are happy to take on the design and delivery.

Whether it’s a single module as part of an ongoing in-house programme or open programme, or something to kick start your event, we’ll work with you to help develop the programme outcomes, organise the venue, and use our own expert facilitators. Needless to say, we are happy to include any third parties e.g. coaches, consultants, venues etc. requested.

And, of course we are always delighted to help get your event off to an interactive start and put your customers at ease.

If you have an interesting project — big or small — that you would like to discuss with us please contact us.


Customers for whom each event has to be unique, and who demand nothing but the best, are just right for us.

Please get in touch or call 0791 770 1691 to discuss your desired programme needs.