So How Can We Help?

From a complete overhaul of your management style, through training, team development, and support, we’re here to help you and your team go that extra mile.

The Benefits

Pawz4Thought provides an intriguing model for teamwork and leadership based on a human/canine partnership that goes back to the first human settlements, and made totally relevant to your business.

The workshop doesn’t rely on outdated theories about pack leadership with ‘alpha dogs’ attempting to achieve world domination. The Pawz4Thought brings to life what modern behavioural science tells us: that the most effective leaders don’t force their will on others – they find out what motivates individuals and help them make good choices.

The way good dog handlers connect, engage, and motivate a dog, without dominating or coercive behaviour is a direct metaphor for how to connect, engage, and motivate your colleagues, teams, and customers. Experiencing this first hand, it creates a memorable learning experience that differentiates my programmes from other business and professional development programmes.

Relationship-based exercises are structured, with clear objectives that are aligned with business and developmental goals clearly in mind. This programme is also significantly mindful in its philosophy of partnering with the dog, ensuring proper emotional, psychological, and physical care of the dog is followed at all times.