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Is it possible to turn your passion into a business?

We think so!

Read the extra-ordinary tale of how Pawz4Thought was conceived!

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Angela framedPawz4Thought started because our founder, Angela, loves dogs. Angela had a hobby training dogs. And now they’re part of the business, and still a hobby. Our goal is to loosen the reins of left brained management and unleash the human potential on the workplace.

Angela Watson and Mark Grainger Pawz4Thought


How It All Started


” It all started back in 2006 when we decided to get a dog, Lucy…and then another, Harry. We quickly became besotted with all things ‘dog.’ We could fill this whole website with reasons we love dogs – the ‘feel good factor’ dogs foster in people, seeing the pleasure others get from them.

So we decided to integrate them into our coaching and training activities. You see, we absolutely love our work. If we have a business seminar, a 1-1 coaching session, or a team building away day ahead of us, we leap out of bed smiling.

For us there is real joy in our work, and if we can pass some of that joy on to others and make it easier for them, that’s another reason to wake up smiling.

We want to unleash the human potential in the workplace and make a positive difference in people’s personal lives, families, companies, and communities. Everyone is welcome to become a member of Pawz 4 Thought and collaborate in the re-invention of work.”