Skills Workshops

As well as the design and facilitation of bespoke leadership development interventions we also design and deliver open and in-house workshops on specific leadership skills. They are always tailored to individual clients and adhere to agreed course outcomes. They contain practical tools and techniques that can be applied immediately in the workplace.

The Pawz4Thought Transforming Conversations Programme is comprised of 5 modules:

Skills for Effective Communication

Skills for Effective Coaching Conversations

Skills for Facilitating Difficult Conversations – Strengthen relationships whilst discussing tough issues

Skills for Giving Feedback 

What makes our training different.

  • You use real issues – to learn the processes and emotionally connect.
  • You explore the possibilities the canine /human relationship can teach us about leadership, communication, and teamwork.
  • You create a personal action plan for optimal communication at work
  • You use our modular approach to learning to select the most appropriate training for your particular needs.

What is Pawz4Thought?

The personal skills required for interacting effectively with dogs are the same as those required for interacting effectively with humans in an authentic, real, and present way.