The Power of Effective Communication

Build the Necessary Relationships to Lead Your Team Through Highly Developed Communication Skills

Our primary thought about leadership is ” Effective Leadership takes effective communication to develop and sustain key relationships, working together in the same direction ”

How do leaders communicate with others? What sets them apart from the average leader? In this workshop you will learn our time-tested strategies for Effective Communication that have been practiced and refined by thousands of managers around the world. You will learn how to become an effective leader who makes others feel appreciated and respected, and also empowers others to achieve results. You will learn how to recognise the preferred communication styles of your team and learn how to handle those challenging conversations.

You will also learn how to speak with a voice of authenticity, clarity, and passion that inspires others. Learn when to direct and when to coach, when to speak and when to listen. You will learn how to convey to others the message you are valued and respected. Finally you will learn how to give and receive feedback, build rapport whenever possible, and use The Power of Effective Communication to move the company toward its long term goals.

The Power of Effective Communication Workshops use Angela Watson’s Connected Leadership methodology.

Pawz4Thought’s experiential and engaging communication workshops have proven to be an invaluable tool for professionals, and people with real communication challenges. Our participants keep coming back and leave us great feedback!

Contact Pawz4Thought to learn how we can tailor this and other Leadership Courses for your company.

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