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Pawz4Teams – Half Day

Angela and HarryPawz4Teams is a unique approach to developing self-awareness and effective communication in individuals, managers, and teams, simplifying the process into one extremely powerful experiential learning programme.

The task is simple – get the dog to follow your lead!

Teamwork and dog-handling is one and the same thing

It’s true…ask anyone who works with dogs… Any experienced dog owner knows it’s about building a relationship based on trust and respect, investing time and commitment, harnessing indiviudal skills, and working together to get a great result.

And as Pawz4Thought uses real dogs, and dogs mirror human emotions, it enables participants to experience for themselves how they connect, engage and motivate. This is a direct metaphor for how people connect, engage and motivate their co-workers, team members, and clients.

boat%20house%20sunshinemay12There’s nothing like spending time in a totally different environment to the norm, out in the rural countryside with a few furry friends, for an experience to remember.

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