What do you want to have happen?

The Half Day Champion programme

  • So you’re planning a team away day to increase team motivation and trust?
  • Searching for a team building experience to improve engagement and communication skills?
  • There’s been a lot of change and you want to boost your team’s morale and strengthen team work?

Pawz4Thought offers you that opportunity. You and a few colleagues that is.

So what can you expect? 

Our venue at Sheepdrove Farm

 Pawz4Thought illustrates the importance of clear communication, creates an awareness of the importance of trust, and teaches valuable lessons in leadership. Feedback from dogs is immediate, non-judgemental and honest. Far more so than a human facilitator. And because dogs are so highly attuned to human emotions, they challenge us to stay congruent with our feelings when relating with them. This is not “role play”. Hence the learning is so much more real.

A half day or full day, typically starts with exploring what’s working and what’s not working in your team. Next you’ll have the opportunity to experience team work from different perspectives, followed by a complex obedience course to be completed with your assigned dog for a place in the winners line up.

Cost:From £397  PLUS a charge per participant to cover venue and refreshment costs.

Please enquire for a detailed breakdown according to your requirements. T:0791 770 1692