Top Dog Clubs

Top Dog Club is our long-term team building programme.

This is our most unique programme which involves creating your very own departmental dog obedience team. We provide the dog trainer on a weekly basis and you provide the people with their own dogs.

This is the most beneficial of our programmes as it offers long–term, sustainable results including decreased stress increased productivity and morale and reduced sickness.

Moreover…it boosts your company profile within local and business communities. Use your internal dog obedience teams for fundraising events and to compete in inter-departmental matches.

From the off, you will work with our Pawz4Thought dog obedience trainers who’ll transform your staff into a winning dog obedience team.

Just imagine staff from all levels bonding, breaking barriers, creating a sense of company identity and the knock-on effect that will show up on your bottom line.

It’s all about teamwork.

We deliver dog training sessions weekly, at a time of your choice to alleviate work pressure issues. Within the first month of your programme we consult with management and provide a detailed set-up process which includes taster sessions and consultation to ensure the Top Dog Club is successful and sustainable.

Our dog training is motivational and reward based, and our dog trainers are chosen for their passion, energy and commitment to lead, motivate and engage your employees as well as their dogs.

Before long, we’ll have the teams out competing in real live inter-departmental matches…boosting your company profile, and maybe raising money for your chosen charity.

Everyone wins!

The benefits of the Top Dog Clubs are:

Individuals and their dogs learn new skills and grow in confidence. Some even improve their health and well being!

Staff from all levels learn to work and play together and build closer working relationships.

And the company sees an impact on every performance measurement – like staff retention, attendance, productivity and customer service.

Your thoughts?

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