Coach and Trainer Training

Imagine just for a moment, seeing your handlers and their dogs working to their full potential, turning all the hours of practice into the results you know they are capable of, hearing them thank you, feeling a great sense of pride and satisfaction.

As an obedience trainer, you will probably want some or all of the following from your work:

  • to put your message across even more fluently in a way that’s clear and understood
  • to understand humans as well as you understand dogs
  • to relate to humans as easily as you relate to dogs
  • to give compelling talks that capture the hearts and minds of your course participants
  • to help your handlers and their dogs learn in a stress free, enjoyable way
  • to learn what makes each of your handlers tick, so that you can motivate each of them in the best way
  • be able to change the behaviours and responses of handlers quickly, so that they correct their thinking, have fun with their dogs, and improve their dog’s performance faster.

Some of the key issues that all obedience trainers find from time to time are that some of their handlers and dogs:

  • feel a lack of confidence
  • have lapses in concentration and focus
  • find it difficult coping in pressure situations
  • show lack of motivation
  • blame their dogs for their own “mistakes”
  • don’t prepare well enough for training and shows
  • have difficulty in coping with poor performance
  • react negatively to some situations, such as poor judging decisions and “mistakes” in the ring
  • feel nervousness/anxiety
  • can’t get in the ‘zone’ when it really matters
  • don’t seem to listen to what you tell them

The resources on this website will help you to deal with all of these issues, plus give you the edge over other obedience trainers

On this website you will be able to obtain numerous resources such as:

  • free articles, e-books and downloads
  • training courses and workshops
  • one to one performance coaching