The Pawz4Thought trainer programme requires participants to have profound canine knowledge, coaching experience, and good facilitation skills. You will not learn the basics. You will get to know the Pawz4Thought approach in working with clients and dogs in leadership seminars, team training, coaching, and change management.

The approach is about co-operation not about competing. Our aim is to create a worldwide network of Canine Assisted Facilitators who work together and support each other.

This approach has attracted the interest of organisations, leaders, coaches, and trainers since it’s conception in 2012, so we have decided to share it globally.

So if you want to gather very special know-how in a very short space of time, in the field of canine facilitated learning, canine guided education, canine assisted experiential learning, or whatever you would call it, you are very welcome to join our Pawz4Thought Trainer workshops.