Pawz4Thought was born on a beautiful summers day in August 2012. Working so closely with her Golden Retrievers in the obedience ring, Executive Coach and NLP Trainer, Angela Watson became fascinated by the heightened sense of personal awareness she experienced when completing activities with the dogs, as well as the importance of authentic interactions.

Now, Angela offers  one of the newest forms of life and leadership coaching with the help of her 3 Golden Retrievers.

Researchers have discovered that four legged facilitators make excellent coaches for humans! Canine Assisted Coaching and Learning have their roots in Animal Assisted Therapy, and have developed into the sensitive art of non-verbal communication between dog and client. This is not therapy. We are not trying to ‘fix’ people. The goal in Canine Assisted Coaching is to help clients find their strengths, and help them clear away the clutter that has been keeping them from performing at their best.

No experience with dogs is necessary, and most of the time is spent undertaking activities with the dog/s guided by experienced facilitators.

All facilitators are NLP trained professional coaches.

A Canine Assisted Coaching programme  lasts for as long as you wish. Sessions take place outside in all weathers with one or more of the dogs. Most sessions take place as individual, private work.

Canine Assisted Experiential Learning (CAEL) offers the opportunity to work as part of a group / team, learning a range of NLP, Coaching, and Communication techniques as well as input from our four legged coaches. CAEL is offered as an in-house programme or open programme.