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I’m Angela. Welcome to my consulting and services page. Services are individually tailored and available worldwide.


Master Your Mind-Set

We run a series of workshops and seminars for Dog Sports Clubs, training centres, affiliated bodies, and conferences.

Around 98% of the population DON’T HAVE a winning mind-set. Do you want to be in the 2% which have? Sign up for one of my workshops – simple approaches based on my own 30 years of experience of what works and what doesn’t. Take a look at the attached flyer for further information.

Download a PDF for information here

You can book or obtain further information by:

Tel:+44 (0)791 7701691

Email: via the contact form. Click here


I’m a sought after speaker on the subjects of coaching, motivation, goal setting, and positive thinking for conferences, professional bodies, sports clubs and training schools. If you would like me to speak at or run a workshop at your event or club please get in touch.

My style is highly interactive and practical enabling participants to try new approaches for themselves and giving them something tangible that they can apply immediately.

If you would like me to speak or run a workshop at your event please get in touch.

Tel:+44 (0)791 7701691

Email: via the contact form. Click here

Here are some examples:

Basingstoke and District Dog Training Club Seminar

8th December 2014

Download a PDF for information here

Ring Confidence Clinics (Half day)

Put into ACTION what you’ve learned at one of our seminars! We’ll set up a ring and under competition pressure, you’ll have the opportunity to put what you’ve learned into action. This is a SUPER fun experience as you will find you CAN achieve more than you previously believed! Read more..

Individual Performance Coaching (45 mins)

This is for you if you’re headed for a ‘big’ competition, or want help to be calm, focused and confident going into the ring Read more…

Trainer Training (2 days)

Our work enables trainers and coaches to operate within their students’ map of the world, getting handler’s to think and process information differently and helping trainers remove some of the psychological blocks that impede student progress, We work with trainers to help them understand handler motivation patterns, learning styles and the impact of language on a handlers’ ability to learn positive habits as automatic reactions, particularly when under pressure.

I’m currently writing the Dog Handlers Definitive Guide to Consulting with Pawz4Thought that will explain exactly what you need to know to choose the right programme that you need today – but it’s still in the puppy pen. So in the meantime just drop me an email.