a guide to dogs, workshops and their health benefits

Dogs are good for us. Whether small, medium, or large breed, studies have shown that the presence of dogs can improve human physical and psychological health and well being, boost morale, and reduce stress levels. They can even detect certain kinds of cancer.

Humans have had a connection with dogs for thousands of years. Until a few hundred years ago, most dogs worked for their living. Their agility and quick thinking, their keen senses, and unparalleled ability to communicate with humans suited them for a diversity of tasks, each an important component of the economy.

Although nowadays their duties have changed, their loyalty has not and they have a bond with humans to an extent that no other animal can match.

Throughout history and in all kinds of settings, scientists and psychologists have commented on the natural power of animals on the human mind and body.

Studies from the UK and across the world show that exposure to animals, and specifically dogs, reduces cardiovascular reactivity to stress and boosts morale – whether people have access to their own dogs or other people’s.

Dogs and the way we are with them can teach us much about ourselves and the modern business environment.