Inject your team with the woof factor?

All your business needs is Pawz4Thought

We are a team of coaches, facilitators, and Golden Retrievers who travel across the UK meeting companies and organisations, injecting our passion for teamwork, people, and business by bringing the “Woof Factor” to your work.

Our team building’s jolly good sport

Imagine your whole team “woofing” together in unison. Since 90% of communication is non-verbal, what better instructors than dogs are there to assist you in improving your communication skills? You would be amazed at all the things you say without saying them.

Our golden retrievers will make you good leaders

It’s going to be furry fast and fun, embarking on a journey where you and your team will discover new levels of trust and harmony.

And teamwork will never be distraught

How we go about it is up to you – we could come along for a short burst or a longer development programme – It could even be totally bespoke, a mixture of development and team building.

Effective communication is key to so many industries so our programmes are tailored to any sector.