Training and Workshops

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These corporate workshops and team building days are highly interactive, highly experiential and highly unconventional. Our public workshops are the same – check out the events page.

There’s no power-point, just powerful experiences. Participants learn by actually doing. They will be pushed to find the edge of their comfort zone, on an alternative journey of intense learning with real people, real dogs, and real results; ensuring the learning is long lasting and relevant to their work. The focus is on feedback, helping your organisation foster an environment of continuous development.

Workshops focus on:

Listening – when I say listening, I mean really listening and building rapport with people. Listening for the metaphors they use and speaking back to them in their language, using their own words.

Language – removing assumptions and pre-conceptions from discussions. Matching the tone, pace, and pitch of the person you’re speaking with. Be ‘straight’ and ‘clear’ in your communication – don’t waste words.

Questions – Put aside any notions of what you might assume is happening, and ask ‘clean’ questions instead to clarify an issue, and to help people develop their own solutions to problems without imposing your own solutions.

The Dogs – Using dogs as a ‘living metaphor’ to demonstrate the way to connect, engage, and motivate people by saying less to achieve more.

The workshops focus on communication and feedback between the participants and challenges them to use a coaching approach in their interactions with others. This allows companies to develop a coaching culture within their organisations to sustain an environment of continuous learning and development.

Previous workshop titles:

  • The Power of Effective Communication
  • Coaching with Clean Questions
  • Transforming Conversations
  • The Clean Approach To Leadership

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