Pawz4Thought is about unleashing people’s potential

In spring 2007, I was about to leave a 17 year career leading and managing teams in the NHS, to start my own business. At the same time I got a dog. Today I am the owner of PGD Coaching Solutions Ltd, a mutt nut, and founder of Pawz4Thought  – a new training concept designed to improve human interactions by learning how to communicate with man’s best friend.

Hi, I’m Angela Watson.

Dogs have been assisting humans for years. And for years humans have said to dogs “I am the leader of the pack, do what I say or I’ll punish you!”

Humans say similar things to each other – and in the workplace this kind of behaviour is a proven cause of employee disengagement and stress.

Enlightened businesses are moving away from “command and control” structures, and with the trend towards flatter organisational structures growing stronger, gone are the days when dominance, coercion, and micro-managing are acceptable or desirable traits in the workplace.

Pawz4Thought brings its unique method to the corporate and personal development sectors. The bond between people and dogs is explored as a means of enhancing the communication skills needed for effective leadership. It’s a metaphor for a style of management where people will produce exceptional results when they are motivated and encouraged to think for themselves.

Whether you’re looking for a a half day, full day, or bespoke programme, Pawz4Thought is like no other for transforming attitudes and behaviour in line with current and future workplace needs.

Latest workshop

The Pawz4Thought Taster Workshop – Leadership Unleashed, is an opportunity for HR, L&D professionals, & senior managers who would like to vet the course for their organisation, & for individuals who want to get out of the office and just have a cracking start to their week.

Click here to take a look

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