Why Dogs 1?

“Feedback from dogs is immediate, non-judgemental and honest”

Understanding and becoming skilled at relating to dogs has real parallels to the way humans interact with each other. Take for example, Rapport –  dogs love this and wag their tails. It is an essential pre-requisite to effective communication with yourself or with someone else. The process of establishing rapport is not one of forcing but going with; of meeting the other person in their world, and applying only the slightest effort in a harmonious and ecological way. In this way people will reach their own conclusions according to their nature and their resources.

So often we try to force change upon ourselves and others. For example, when we want to influence someone we might try to convince them by arguing…yet they remain unconvinced (dogs know this too!)

These powerful programmes offer you the opportunity to learn from our award winning, fun-loving dogs. Through experiential learning techniques you can safely explore and raise your awareness of your innate personal resources which may have lain dormant for years.

Whilst interacting with our dogs, you have the opportunity to take what you need and will be encouraged to seek opportunities to transfer your learning into your communication, leadership, coaching, and influencing activities.

We can deliver tailored programmes for specific groups or individuals who are looking for particular learning objectives in handling challenging situations for example teachers, nurses, doctors, coaches, consultants, small business owners, self-employed people etc.

“All dogs have read Carl Rogers” Anonymous