why pawz?

Photo by Caroline Young

Dog behaviour is often related to the behaviour that occurs in a wolf pack. There is a hierarchical system within this pack which will neutralise aggression and promote social order. Wolves communicate with each other more by harmony and integration, rather than by aggression and submission. Learning and observing the way dogs interact with each other provides valuable insights into “authentic” leadership, and effective team work.

Like humans, using dominance or aggression to exert authority over a dog produces a fearful and confused dog. Dogs depend on good leadership. And good leadership requires confident, clear, calm communication.

Dogs live in the moment and give you immediate and honest feedback about the way you are relating to them.  As dogs react to your emotions  it enables you to experience for yourself how you connect, engage and motivate a dog without dominating or coercive behaviour. This is a direct metaphor for how people connect, engage and motivate people.

photo by Caroline Young

Like horses, dogs are intimidating to many. Working alongside a dog in spite of those fears, creates confidence and provides wonderful insights when dealing with other intimidating and challenging situations in life. Mastering how we can find a common ground for communicating opens up a dynamic opportunity for learning how to communicate with anyone, in a variety of situations.

We have found that this experiential learning experience has a very powerful impact on participants.

“Learning that translates into action is rooted in the experience” Kolb

For us, the difference that makes the difference lies in the experience, hence the learning is so much more “real” and the real value comes from transferring this learning back to the workplace.

To find out more about canine assisted learning please get in touch or leave a comment/ question below.

Your thoughts?

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