Work With Us

“What I have achieved with a dog is a metaphor for a style of management – people will produce exceptional results when they are treated with dignity, respect, and allowed to think for themselves” – Angela Watson – founder of Pawz4Thought


Thanks for being curious about working with us.

Right now the best ways to work with us are:

  • Pawz4Teams – Looking for unique ways to improve communication, leadership, and teamwork? Look here
  • Pawz4YouRetreat with us – We would love to create a “reflective space” for you and your dog –  learning, listening, talking, connecting. A list of Empowering Communication Days and Personal Development Retreats can be found here.
  • 4Your Dog – 1-2-1 private coaching sessions to help you with training your dog. I open up 6- 8 slots every few months. Go here to learn how to be the first to know when appointments are available.
  • PawzTalks – In your life, are you barking orders, eager to please, or pack leader? This is the title of a 30 -60 minute talk Angela does for networking groups, business shows, personal development seminars, coaching groups, charities and youth groups. Go here for speaking events.

Interested in what I’ve done in the past? Click here to find out what led me here.

Your thoughts?

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